November 4, 2016

Master of Her Domain… Name

A story about Hillary Clinton that offers a different picture than what we’ve been hearing from both sides during this campaign. And some funny stuff, because everyone’s tired of the election.


There’s a political parable about Hillary Clinton that’s made the rounds this year. Host Ira Glass interviews contributor Jack Hitt, who says that in this parable you can see almost every version of Hillary that exists in the popular imagination: the A student, the opportunist, the mastermind, the rat fink, the pragmatist, the truth-twister. (6 minutes)

Server Be Served

Sean Cole talks to reporter Garrett Graff, who read the 247 pages of interview summaries of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Graff concludes that it’s not the scandal most people thought it was. Not a sophisticated, Machiavellian scheme to evade federal rules and record laws. The interviews “depict less a sinister and carefully calculated effort to avoid transparency than a busy and uninterested executive who shows little comfort with even the basics of technology, working with a small, harried inner circle of aides. Reading the FBI’s interviews, Clinton’s team hardly seems organized enough to mount any sort of sinister cover-up.” (19 minutes)


“Change the Subject” by The Dan Collins Band

Knowing What We Know

After Huma Abedin’s emails were discovered on her husband’s computer by the FBI, and after FBI Director James Comey publicly declared the agency would be investigating those emails, Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers dropped. What was the conversation Huma Abedin then had with her boss, Hillary Clinton? Actors Tami Sagher and Cady Huffman tried to imagine it. (3 minutes)


“Only You” by Yaz

Of Mice and Men

Comedian Mike Birbiglia, his wife and his cat take a trip together and meet some parasitic zombie mice. (8 minutes)


“Mice!” by 3hree, The New Musical

Squirrel Cop

The first day on the job inevitably means mistakes, mishaps, and, sometimes, fiascos. A true story, about a rookie cop, told by the cop. (12 minutes)


“Election Day” by Noble Sissle & Eubie Blsake & “Squirrel” by The Want