July 30, 2010

Georgia Rambler

In the 1970s a reporter named Charles Salter wrote a column for the Atlanta Journal called "Georgia Rambler." He'd get into his car, head out to some small town, and ask around until he found a story. This week, nine of us go to Georgia to try it out for ourselves, in small towns all over the state.


Ira Glass speaks with Charles Salter, the original Georgia Rambler, about his column from the 1970s. (3 minutes)

Pickens County

Allen Wigington, former Chief Deputy at the Pickens County Sheriff's department, now magistrate judge, tells the story a soldier killed in Iraq—Specialist David Collins—arriving back home in Georgia to be buried. (3 minutes)

Chattooga County

Producer Lisa Pollak learns some of the things people in Chattooga are talking about, thanks to a Summerville News column called "Soundoff." (7 minutes)

Twiggs County

Sarah Koenig drives to Jeffersonville, a town of about 1200, and when she asks who is the most interesting person in town, she's led to Sonya Mallory. (10 minutes)